Hi I’m Dédé and I come for growth your power, your SEO power ! I was born on a search engine planete. Which is controlled by an evil bot : Google. We will speak about search engine optimization and heroic skills. Both can be linked, but not always.

Seo Hero

Dédé Seo Hero save the world

What’s define a hero ?

  • he/she is brave
  • he/she help people
  • he/she have super powers, special abilities or noble qualities
  • he/she is a model of values

Some examples of super heroes : Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Catwoman, etc.
There is also Heroes without super-power : Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Jean Moulin, Coluche, etc.

Be a hero is not a goal it’s a philosophy. Make the good, help people and you must be a hero.

Super powers SEO

In the little word of search engines, some people have special skills and abilities like super powers to give visibility at any website.
We will see the main :

Analyse Seo

Search engine optimization powers start always by a good analyse. There is many tools for analyse website, but without a good mind a tool stay a tool.
There are 3 main steps :
1) Analyse code and how website is seeing by search engines
2) Check all semantic on the website (contents, texts, descriptions, meta data, etc.)
3) The third job is to make a map of the visibility of the site
This 3 steps are the bases of SEO.


After analyse you must thinking about the best solution for every problems. Often the best solution can’t be implemented for differents reasons like politic, logistical problem, or other things that you can’t control or modify. In reality, best solution is the solution you can implement and which give results.


An other seo power, is action ! This step is critical because you need to check all the implementations for have the best results for your solution. It’s very important to have a cartography of situation before to compare after. Always verifying implementation of developpers and talk with them to understand precisely their modifications.

Seo Super Heros League

In comic books, often, super heroes are in a league ! That’s why I wish to create a League of Seo Heroes : The Seo Hero League. Objectif is to crush and smash Wix for fun. All referencers are welcome, white hat, black hat or multicolored hat. I give you some examples of Seo Heroes that I appreciate for their good spirit and their sharing :
Walid Gabteni (aka @lightonseo on Twitter) with is free latent semantic explorer : http://www.seo-hero.tech/
Stéphane (aka @smadaleno) and his free tool fo check position on Google : http://seo-hero.ninja/
Or Paul Sanchez (aka @Seoblackout) for his dark tricks and tips : https://seo-hero.io/
There are many others, but I add them later.

Join Seo league

Join us ! yeah I’m alone, but we are a lot in my head ! Let’s go to fight the vilain Wix an win the game !

PS : sorry for my english, It is freaky, for my defense, I’m french ^^